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About Home Care

What is home care?
Home care includes a wide spectrum of services designed to assist a person with healthcare, personal care, home making, or home management needs.

Who can qualify for home care?
Anyone who would be safe at home with the assistance of home care services would qualify.

Who pays for home care services?
Services may be paid for by the individual or family, a trust or a charitable organization.

Medicare will pay for services for a person who is eligible for Medicare Part A, provided the person needs care that requires the skill of a nurse, therapist or medical social worker. The patient must be homebound, which means it takes special, taxing effort to leave home, and that absences from home are infrequent and of short duration. The skilled care needs must be part-time and intermittent, meaning the patient does not require more than four nurse or therapy visits per week, except for a short period of time. If these qualifications are met, the patient could also receive the services of a home health aide for personal care.

Medicare does not cover homemaking or home management, nor will it cover personal care unless there is also a need for skilled care. Medicare covered care is usually short-term, however exceptions do apply.

The VA will pay for services for eligible veterans and families. The VA covers skilled care, personal care, homemaking, and respite without regard to homebound status.

Long-term care insurance will usually cover home care of various types depending on the individual policy.

Insurance companies generally follow Medicare guidelines for the requirements for homebound status and skilled need, however some cover extended hours of skilled care.

Medical Assistance in Minnesota will cover services for people who are eligible for MA or Minnesota Care. Services covered include skilled care visits; extended nursing under the Private Duty Nursing program; home health aide; therapies; and personal care assistant. Waivered programs may cover respite, home making and chore services. Homebound status is not a requirement. The county social services will determine eligibility for MA or MN Care or a waivered program.

About Our Company

Barnabas Healthcare was founded in 1990 as a personal care provider organization. Our original vision was to provide care and support to disabled children and adults and their families. The hope was that PCA support would help clients gain maximum independence and quality of life and would give families the ability to carry on normal family life. The endeavor was tremendously successful as lives of clients, families and staff were profoundly enhanced.

The second part of the vision was to develop a private-duty nursing program to provide that same support to children and adults with healthcare needs requiring nursing-level care. This program allows us to care for clients with highly complex needs, helping many of them progress from nursing needs to PCA-level needs to total independence. For other clients, it allows them to leave the hospital or nursing home to live a more fulfilling life among family. We admitted our first precious ventilator dependent baby in 1997 and have cared for many children and adults since that time.

Barnabas Healthcare Services became Medicare certified in 1996 so that we would have the ability to provide for any home healthcare needs that our clients might develop. This allows our clients to have continuity of care throughout any illness or injury or any change in pay source. We also opened our skilled services to the rest of the community and have provided general nursing and aide services as well as unusually high-tech services.

Barnabas continues its commitment to its specialty in long-term care, but it also maintains the ability to provide acute high-tech intervention to those with special needs. We are proud of our committed, compassionate and capable staff who serve our clients so well. We strive to provide the very best care possible, to use healthcare resources with respect and to always operate with the highest integrity.

Belief Statement: Each life is precious and has purpose. Each of us needs God's grace and the support and help of others to reach our full potential.

Mission Statement: The mission of Barnabas Health Healthcare Services is to assist and encourage our clients, their families and each other to attain and maintain our full potential. We will do this by honoring, truly caring for and protecting the dignity and autonomy of our clients, their families and our co-workers.