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Current Openings


Seeking mature, reliable, compassionate people to care for several enjoyable clients in the Brainerd and Merrifield areas. Day and evening shifts or short hour opportunities available. Flexibility is often possible. Every other weekend often required. Possibility to work with a single client or with several. Will train. Transportation and phone essential. Apply in person at office. Bring 2 forms of ID including a picture ID and any certifications.


Barnabas Health Care Services is a well-established, rapidly growing, Medicare-certified home health care agency serving central Minnesota.

The need for additional staff can arise at any moment, as new clients often require services immediately and with little forewarning. Because of this, Barnabas is continually seeking applicants and is continually offering training. Homecare clients are very diverse. Their care needs can range from a couple hours of homemaking per week or assistance with a bath to many hours a day of intensive complex care.

Homemaking Program

Barnabas offers a 24-hour homemaker training program free of charge to our homemakers and home health aides (HHA). This program covers staff safety, infection control, signs of a change in client health status, state regulations for caregivers, cleaning techniques, nutrition, cooking and food handling, working with those with memory challenges, and many other topics of interest to the caregiver. This program is also offered for a fee to family and community caregivers.

Most of our homemaking clients are elderly or have physical or cognitive disabilities. Many are our highly honored veterans. Homemaking is an invaluable service for our clients, as it helps maintain a safe, comfortable environment. It may include preparing meals to be eaten now and stored for future days, and may include shopping. Laundry and changing bed linens may also be part of the care plan. The homemaker is very important as a caring visitor who brightens the week for those who suffer increased isolation. The homemaker also acts as another set of eyes and ears while with the client to alert the nurse in case of health changes. This is a critical function in our mission to keep our clients safe and in their own homes. Homemaking is often done in conjunction with HHA care.

Home Health Aides (HHA) Program

Barnabas home health aides provide personal care and close observation of our clients, as well as encouragement and companionship. The HHA position is of critical importance to the clients and to the mission of Barnabas Health Care Services. The HHA may provide range of motion and other exercises, assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, transfers, eating, and other activities of daily living (ADLs). Some of our clients require assistance with diabetes monitoring, catheter or ostomy care, wound care, medications, and other more complex cares. Others require assistance because of memory, behavior, or mental health challenges. Our clients are of all ages, including children. Without the care of the HHA, many of our clients would not be able to remain in their homes.

Our HHAs receive training and testing without charge to meet the state HHA requirements. This includes the 24-hour homemaking unit. Comprehensive training is provided to meet the specific needs of each assigned client. HHAs also receive continuing education to be able to provide the more complex cares, and those interested in behavior and mental health have the opportunity to become Mental Health Aides. This is an excellent training program for the pre-professional. It is applicable for all the health care professions as well as education and any service-related business. Many of our HHAs continue their education through area nursing programs, often continuing their employment with Barnabas as part of our nursing staff.

Private Duty Nursing Program

Barnabas Health Care Services provides extended hours of nursing care for pediatric and adult clients with complex needs. Clients may be ventilator dependent, have severe wounds, have ostomies, have TBI or other neurological challenges, failure to thrive, require enteral feedings or TPN or IV therapy, or have medically unstable conditions. The variety and challenges are endless. Private duty nursing requires acutely sensitive assessment skills, technology, complex interventions, and great interpersonal relationship skills. This is nursing at its best, as the complexities allow for great learning experiences. The care is long term one on one, which allows for time to know the client very well, to truly develop and carry out an excellent plan of care, to observe the effectiveness of your interventions, to be a highly functioning part of a multi-disciplinary team, and to be mentored by highly skilled and experienced specialists. The nurse has a powerful impact on the client and the entire family and substantially increases the quality of life for all involved.

Barnabas offers a variety of CEUs free of charge to our staff. Many of these are approved for credit by the Minnesota Board of Nursing. Private duty is invaluable experience in preparation for any area of nursing, including advanced practice. Shifts are often eight or 12 hours, and have proven to be compatible with most nursing education programs. Private duty includes both RN and LPN, depending on the client requirements.

Visit Nursing Program

The Barnabas Visit Nurse program provides in-home care for wound care, IV therapy, medication and pain management, physical and mental health assessment, case management, supervision and teaching of paraprofessionals and professional staff, client and family education, and a multitude of other nursing interventions. Clients include those with almost every challenge such as new post ops of all kinds, recovery from acute episodes of illness, and chronic disease management. The opportunities for learning are endless, as essentially every hospital, clinic, and nursing home patient challenge can be found in home care. Our nurses typically follow the same client throughout their stay with us. That allows the nurse to know the client well, to formulate an excellent plan of care, to follow through with the implementation and all teaching, and to analyze the plan's effectiveness. The ability to provide comprehensive one-on-one care is gratifying to the nurse and extremely beneficial to the client and his family. The nurse can be sure she/he is truly making a difference and can see the fruit of the labor.

The home visit nurse must have excellent assessment skills and ability to manage complex interventions, have great interpersonal skills and professional boundaries. The nurse will be a highly functioning part of a multidisciplinary team dedicated to keeping the client safe in his own home and having the highest quality of life possible. Barnabas offers mentoring for all required skills and provides a variety of CEUs, many of which are accepted for credit by the Minnesota Board of Nursing. Because of the huge variety of client conditions and care needs in the home care population, home care nursing is an excellent training ground for any area of nursing, including advanced practice. Most visits are performed by RNs, however some are appropriate for LPNs.

Nurse Administration

Nursing administration includes mentoring and educating, program administration and development, compliance, maintenance of medical records, care coordination, supervision, and a multitude of other responsibilities. It includes direct client care, emergency shift and visit coverage, case openings and care plan development, team building, problem solving, and program analysis. It requires advanced knowledge and ability in nursing technologies and assessment, the desire and ability to teach effectively, excellent understanding of home health regulations, excellent ability to interface effectively with the medical and health care community, professionalism, ability to work well independently and as part of a team, impeccable integrity. This is a highly complex and exciting position for the right nurse.