barnabas healthcare services

Featured Testimonials

"We want to thank you for the services and kindness you have given us. You took us in a very hurting time. Words said are hard to leave behind but you have helped us. Our journey goes on, with all you good people and Christ's help. Thank you and God's blessings."
— Sandy
"I really appreciate the friendliness of Barnabas services. They answered my questions so I could understand and made me feel normal even though I had a condition that required medical help also the staff seemed like they genuinely cared about my needs and the needs of my family."
— Susi
"We are very happy with everything Barnabas employees do for our family. We are never afraid to call and ask them for any help with any problems we may have. Thank you."
— Janet

"I was very happy with the care my foster child received, and with the agency going out of their way to make sure the hours needed for care was covered."
— K. Hanson

"I could not have asked for better care. My case manager Tif was very helpful in explaining things and advising on family care."
— R.F.

"I never worried about things when the PCAs were here. They did a wonderful job, also they kept busy and got here on time so I didn't have to worry about anyone showing up for work."
— Louise H. Walker

"I have never used a healthcare before but since my son has been ill he has received the best of care. Thank you guys."
— Pete's Mom
"I am so thankful for the help I am receiving. Thank you so much."
— Loretta